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Words from our President | Blog nr.8

Dear CIWOT Ladies

It has been a while since I did my last blog to you, and in some respects so much has happened but in others it feels like time has stood still.

As you are all aware numbers for Covid-19 cases have been on the rise across the world, Cyprus is no exception. This is in part due to life trying to get back to some semblance of normal, and unfortunately people not adhering to social distancing and sticking to the rules of numbers allowed at events, wearing of Facemasks in the correct way, it and has also seen a big upturn in numbers of people being tested, this is understandable as the more people tested the more will be found to have Covid-19.

For CIWOT this has resulted in many of our events being postponed or cancelled, with the Halloween party on Friday 30th October at Anna Cortesi's beautiful home and our own Annual Halloween Brunch on Saturday 31st October at Crowne Plaza in Limassol both being cancelled due to numbers allowed to meet and sit together, plus serious concern of either passing on or contacting Covid-19 from each other or non-members.

As mentioned in previous blogs and emails the health of our Members is a paramount concern for the Board and Team Members, and is stretching each of us in different ways, mentally, physically and personally. 

If you feel you would like a visit from any Board Members available then please let me know and we will arrange to come and see you, by being part of CIWOT you are not alone!😄

For this reason we set up Whatsapp 📱groups between you the Members and volunteer Members of the Board/Teams to keep in touch with each other at the start of the pandemic and lockdown here in Cyprus. These groups are still active and some members have continued to contribute to the groups they are in from the beginning to present day, for that I would like to say a huge Thank you 😄to you who are still using the Whatsapp groups and encourage other members to join in, if not on a daily basis then at least once a week to check in and see how each of you are doing and if you need any assistance with anything. Our Community Service pillar is not just about helping outside of our Association but also about our Community within our Association. You are all Members of that Community!😀

Having said all the above this has not stopped our intrepid Members, Board or Teams from coming up with events in public or online since April! 👏

Volunteers are still coming forward to provide activities and online events that we can all take part in, we have taken on board that many of you work during the week and we are doing our utmost to bring in activities and online events that hopefully you will join in with at the weekends.

Cyprus International Women of Today is an association of like minded, strong, empowered women who through supporting each other can move forward, however, it takes each and everyone of us to do our part and join in as best and as often as we can. The Board and Team members can do only so much, it needs YOU the Members to join in and do the rest by attending the events or joining us online😉

Since my last blog, Catalina has produced another amazing newsletter/magazine, has updated our Website which is very easy to navigate, is in the process of refining an app for us to download on our tablets/phones which is also easy to navigate, has with Chrisitne Kebble Watson and Barbara Jones put together a Business Directory for Members who have their own businesses, posted on our Open Facebook page and our Instagram page on a weekly basis, updated our CIWOT Business page, created the Cyprus International Women of Today Charity Auction page and so much more!

We have hosted

  • held our Annual AGM online📱💻

  • in person coffee mornings👭, 

  • held a phone camera📱 photography workshop

  • held our Annual (in person👭) Meet & Greet, 

  • have reintroduced our online 💻📱coffeemornings with a different host each month, 

  • donated 500 euros💶 each to Cyprus Stop Trafficking and AGAPI

  • and with many members donating funds we have handed 770 euros to the Rotary Club for the Disaster Relief fund for Lebanon, 

  • collected and donated children's soft play mats, tables and chairs, material, nappies and wet wipes to Cyprus Stop Trafficking which we delivered by a CIWOT Member to Nicosia.

We have some great ideas for the future of CIWOT, Viki has just posted a pop-event to collect pumpkin slices from her for cooking/baking and to share your pictures of your recipes and photos of what you have cooked/baked on our website for Members to enjoy.

We have had members leave for personal reasons but we are still gaining new members, which is sad in one respect and we hope those members will rejoin us again in the future, but also a happy event that new ladies wish to join us.😁

It is empowering to me that the Spirit and Ethos of CIWOT is still alive and kicking and together we will see a brighter future for ourselves, our families and our way of life.

Please keep in touch with us the Board/Team members and with each other, especially as Christmas draws near and many of us will not see our families in person for the foreseeable future. 'We are stronger together than apart'

So keep safe - keep your distance - wear your masks - and most importantly KEEP IN TOUCH! 



Linda Rich

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