Community Service

Members can contribute to their communities by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing services or education to benefit community members.
 We organise events and projects to raise funds for our chosen charities. Some of us also choose to offer ‘Volunteer Hours’ to those charities or other projects.


Choosing our Community Service Projects

Each year we vote on the charity we plan to support as the ‘Priority Charity’ for our fundraising efforts (in some years we have chosen two charities: a children’s charity and an adult charity).   In addition, some of our members choose to do voluntary work – either for the priority charity or for a charity of their own choice.
Our fundraising is on-going, and we also organise at least one big fund-raising event each year.  For these events, we appoint a Committee made up of volunteers from our membership.

A wide range of activities
Many of our events achieve several goals at once, combining Community Service, Learning New Skills and Fun & Friendship.


Photos from "Danceathon" & The Art of Giving" - two of our major Fund-raising Events 

and other events where we raised money for our charities.

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