CIWOT exists to help our local community, to help women become better leaders, strengthen individual talents,  provide friendship and networking, thereby connecting women in their communities. We volunteer to raise money, donate time to local charities, offer courses to learn new skills and organize social events to get to know each other better, try new things and enjoy ourselves.

About Us

Who are we?


We are women from many countries and of all ages who are English-speaking and live in Cyprus, in or around Limassol. We have a Board of Directors and other officers who help organise CIWOT on a voluntary basis. We appoint the Board and officers annually. Our membership subscription fee is €25 per year.


Each year we select one charity (or sometimes two) to be our primary focus and we undertake a variety of projects according to the interests of our members.


What we offer


Involvement in Cyprus International Women of Today is a very fulfilling way to achieve service to your community, grow as an individual, and gain the friendship of women who share similar interests.


The History of Our Organisation


‘Women of Today’ is an organization which began in the United States and has existed under various names since 1950.  There are many branches (or chapters) all over the US and it has many thousands of members.  One member, named Trish Powell, from Minnesota, came to live in Limassol and she decided to set up a similar organization here in Cyprus.  The Minnesota branch encouraged and helped her.


Our CIWOT Ethos


CIWOT is an organisation with a very positive ethos.  Please look at our ‘CIWOT Ethos’ document.


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