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Getting the Most Out of Your Membership


– Here are some tips


  • Regular attendance at Member Monthly Meetings is encouraged.  Attendance keeps you informed about activities and projects.


  • Whatever your level of involvement, we are glad to have you!  Every member is important to CIWOT.

  • Explore new avenues of programming or projects that interest you.  Get involved – join a committee or try chairing a project.

  • Ask questions. We want to ensure you feel welcomed and appreciated.

  • Spread your wings. Try something new. Challenge yourself.

  • Use the Newsletter, Website, Facebook Pages and Calendar. There may be more information here that was not shared at the meeting.  On Facebook pages remember to ‘Attend’,’ Share’ ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ items.

  • Bring up new ideas at a meeting in the form of a motion.  Begin with “I move that…” and go on to state your idea.  Someone else will need to second your motion before it is brought for vote.

  • Bring a friend to an event or meeting.  They are always welcomed.

  • Report at meetings:
    - be prepared and summarize.
    - write it down for the Secretary - she will appreciate the help.
    - be creative and have fun with your reports.