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Meet our members' businesses

  • Azita Angadji

    Azita Angadji

    Bowen Technique Therapist

  • Barbara Jones Therapies

    Barbara Jones


  • Chase Buchanan

    Gillian Richards

    Private Wealth Manager

  • Confide In

    Valencia Myint

    Professional Counselling

  • Dastaan

    Upma Sharma

    Indian Artisans' Handicrafts

  • Floral Image 

    Carine Khoury

    Floral arrangements

  • Green Rays 

    Diana Shuel

    Better, healthier and eco-friendlier alternatives to period hygiene

  • Health Q Quiropractic

    Eline Petersen


  • HerbanLeaf Farms


    Sustainable hydroponics farm

  • Kemet 

    Jacqueline Louis

    Egyptians Handcrafted Goods

  • Nidhi Mishra

    Yoga teacher

  • Symvulos

    Diana Shuel

    Strategic Marketers and Business Developers

  • White Square Art Studio 

    Marina Katz / Nefeli Christodoulou

    Art Lessons

  • Zyprus Properties

    Danae Savva (Donna Pirou)

    Real Estate Agents

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