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CIWOT exists to help our local community,

to help women become better leaders, strengthen individual talents,  provide friendship and networking.

Who we are

We are women from many countries who are English speaking and live in Cyprus, in or around Limassol.  We have a Board of Directors and other officers who help organise CIWOT on a voluntary basis.  We appoint the Board and officers annually.


Our membership subscription fee is €30 per year. We have a general meeting for members once a month to share ideas and plan our projects.

Each year we select two charities to be our primary focus and we undertake a variety of projects according to the interests of our members.


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Our Mission

Cyprus International Women of Today (CIWOT)  exists to help our local community, to help women become better leaders, strengthen individual talents, and to provide friendship and networking, thereby connecting women in their communities and with their neighbours.


We volunteer to raise money or donate time to local charities, we offer courses to learn new skills and we organise social events to get to know each other better, try new things and enjoy ourselves.


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What we offer

Involvement in CIWOT is a very fulfilling way to achieve service to your community, grow as an individual, and gain the friendship of women who share similar interests.


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Join us!

How to join our group

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Our Goals:
Three Pillars of Purpose

Community Service

Members can contribute to their communities by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing services or education to benefit community members.
We organise events and projects to raise funds for our chosen charities. Some of us also choose to offer ‘Volunteer Hours’ to those charities or other projects.

Personal Growth

Members are encouraged to develop and to foster skills and talents related to becoming successful individuals, interacting well with other people, and becoming capable leaders.
We offer workshops and lectures – calling on the expertise of individual members or from visiting experts.  These cover a wide range of subjects.

Fun & Friendship

Members develop friendships and find personal support within the organisation.  Working towards common goals forges friendships and sharing skills creates bonds. 
We hold social events like “Share Your Light” in which a member shares a passion, interest or hobby.  We offer regular events which are relaxed and geared to having fun.

Upcoming Events

  • Wild Greens of Cyprus | Foraging walk at Cyherbia Botanical Park
    05 Feb, 10:00
    Avgorou, CyHerbia Levanta street, 101, Avgorou 5510, Cyprus
  • Building your online profile for wellbeing and health professionals
    08 Feb, 18:30 – 20:00
    Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Cooking Class with Donna Savva
    10 Feb, 10:00
    Erimi, Erimi, Cyprus
  • Casual Coffee with Alexia
    15 Feb, 10:30
    Episkopi, Episkopi, Cyprus
  • Inside CIWOT - members' participation meeting
    15 Feb, 18:30 – 20:00
    Limassol, Chrysanthou Mylona 16, Limassol 3030, Cyprus
  • The Tree of My Desires - Neurographica Workshop
    18 Feb, 14:30
    R-Place, 1 Reginos & Orestis Street, Fasoula, Limassol 4551, Cyprus
    ‘The Tree of My Desires’ - A Neurographica workshop guided by Diana Gensheva
  • Inside CIWOT - members' participation meeting
    15 Mar, 18:30 – 16 Mar, 20:00
    Limassol, Chrysanthou Mylona 16, Limassol 3030, Cyprus
  • Inside CIWOT - members' participation meeting
    Multiple Dates
    19 Apr, 18:30 – 20:00
    Limassol, Chrysanthou Mylona 16, Limassol 3030, Cyprus
Cyprus Autism Association (Limassol) logo.gif


First specialized Intervention Center for rehabilitation, education, treatment, protection and employment for children and adults with Autism syndrome in Cyprus.

Cyprus Stop Trafficking logo from facebo


The NG Cyprus STOP Trafficking is a humanitarian organization that provides aid and assistance to victims of trafficking.

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Karaiskakio Foundation is a nonprofit organization initially established with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer bone marrow donor registry.


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