To help us in CIWOT here are some online courses that you many wish to try and a message from Karolina Gladych which you may find useful.

Comprehensive list of online courses and activities - Click Here

Films from Cyprus - watch here



CIWOT Canva - this page helps with designing your own Facebook posts, posters/banners and much more. Some of you have requested a lesson on this, so please see the link below from Francesca who set this up for CIWOT Members, if you need any help or guidance please give me a call and I will help as best I can.


Type in Canva on your browser

Log in -

Password -toolsciwot


Always wanted to learn a bit of Greek or another language? 

Well, we now have some spare time on our hands, you can download DUOLINGO on your phone, computer or iPad, or do online. 10 - 20 minutes a day and you could be fluent by the time we are able to meet up again! 


Alison Courses are an online website, and have a wide range of interesting subjects to choose from and they are free, the only payment is if you wish to have a certificate to say you have passed the course. You can take as long as you need to complete the courses, I have done one or two and they are great!

There are wonderful online yoga classes on :


Another source of good at-home learning is:

At the moment there is a big discount on courses



There are different payment options for courses - as little as 10 Euros - and a nice daily inspiration


YouTube is another great online way for tutorials, just type in the subject and see what tutorials are available. (from knitting to cooking to Microsoft Word!)

Member Bunmi Thrasyvoulou has her own YouTube channel for cooking if you want to check it out HERE!!


Apple online also runs tutorials for those with iPad, Apple Mac and iPhones


Google also runs online courses - again check out the subjects available.


Many schools in Cyprus are doing classes online, just check with your school or education authority to find out what schools are doing online lessons for your children and young adults at home.


I read an article that suggests that those who now need to work or study at home, (if possible) designate a separate work/study place, this will help keep away from distractions.


It also suggests that we try to keep to our normal work/study hours as much as possible. 


Message from Karolina

As a psychologist and a coach for women, I am available to offer free support for those who feel high level of stress, insecurity or worry due to the coronavirus situation. I have kids at home so my availability is limited but I can surely spare a couple of hours a week to connect and have conversations online (zoom or skype) with those who need it.


Kind regards. Stay healthy, safe and serene,



Want to visit an online virtual museum try this link!

Stuck at home? These 12 famous museums offer virtual tours you can take on your couchExperience the best museums from London to Seoul in the comfort of your own home.

​Fun videos/songs/sites and links


Spot Claire Pillar in this video


If you are alone and need help again please let us know. 


Keep in touch, keep safe and keep well!


Linda Rich


Cyprus International Women of Today President

Telephone 99 878257



 Fun & Educational Activities online
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Community Service


Members can contribute to their communities by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing services or education to benefit community members.


We organise events and projects to raise funds for our chosen charities. Some of us also choose to offer ‘Volunteer Hours’ to those charities or other projects.

Personal Growth


Members are encouraged to develop and to foster skills and talents related to becoming successful individuals, interacting well with other people, and becoming capable leaders.


We offer workshops and lectures – calling on the expertise of individual members or from visiting experts.  These cover a wide range of subjects.

Fun & Friendship


Members develop friendships and find personal support within the organisation.  Working towards common goals forges friendships and sharing skills creates bonds. 


We hold social events like “Share Your Light” in which a member shares a passion, interest or hobby.  We offer regular events which are relaxed and geared to having fun.