The Ethos of CIWOT


At CIWOT our activities encourage women to excel at communicating, organising and leading.  Members are encouraged to contribute to society and help make the world a better place while, at the same time, making good friends and having fun.  We aspire to build our confidence and skills.  The best way to achieve this goal is to provide an atmosphere of friendship, collaboration, support and teamwork.


CIWOT members represent many different nationalities with different languages, cultures, religions, politics etc.  This great variety makes us a very interesting group and we enjoy exchanging our huge range of experiences and different perspectives on life.


We are mindful that English is not the first language of most of our members.  Sometimes it is a struggle to understand or to express yourself in a language that is not your mother tongue.  If someone comes across as aggressive or argumentative this may cause offence to others from a different culture.  So, we simply do not do it! We do not take things personally; rather, we focus on fostering understanding between our varied members.


We are VERY careful not to be argumentative or critical in our discussions!
Instead we choose words of encouragement, friendliness and support. We NEVER criticise, judge or talk down to another member. We NEVER gossip in a negative way about another member – either behind her back or to her face.

We have procedures in place in our Constitution to protect Members in
the event of a misunderstanding.

At a meeting, if someone suggests an event or action that we are not enthusiastic about, we refrain from comment as there may be other members who are very enthusiastic about the idea.  A negative response might put off the woman who made the suggestion and kill the activity.  New members may feel anxious about presenting an idea to a group of women they do not know well.  Therefore, it is very important that members create and maintain a safe, supportive environment for each other where ideas will be encouraged rather than shot down or criticised.


Life throws pressures, challenges and problems at all of us.  We may have time, financial, family, and/or work pressures, etc.  CIWOT is a safe haven from these.  We can leave these problems at home.  We do not bring them to meetings; we come out to enjoy ourselves.  There are no such pressures at CIWOT.  There is no competition, no judgement nor appraisal and no pressure to perform.  Therefore, we are careful to suggest rather than criticise and be very quick to praise and encourage!  We pour high praise on the member who will go the extra mile for her CIWOT team.


So, bring your best smiles and your most optimistic viewpoint – and see how your positive attitude and positive energy will multiply and flourish in good company!

We welcome you to our Organisation, and hope that
you find fulfilment, empowerment and friendship with
us, whether it be for a short time or forever!


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