Here are some links from Cyprus government websites. They have added several more languages for leaflets.


Press and Information Office - New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) [Greek & English]


Leaflets in various languages are at


Government website on COVID-19 [Greek, English and Russian] Mostly in English so far, but it links to the dashboard for current cases in Cyprus:


Ideas for keeping your house clean during this time.

Community Service


Members can contribute to their communities by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing services or education to benefit community members.


We organise events and projects to raise funds for our chosen charities. Some of us also choose to offer ‘Volunteer Hours’ to those charities or other projects.

Personal Growth


Members are encouraged to develop and to foster skills and talents related to becoming successful individuals, interacting well with other people, and becoming capable leaders.


We offer workshops and lectures – calling on the expertise of individual members or from visiting experts.  These cover a wide range of subjects.

Fun & Friendship


Members develop friendships and find personal support within the organisation.  Working towards common goals forges friendships and sharing skills creates bonds. 


We hold social events like “Share Your Light” in which a member shares a passion, interest or hobby.  We offer regular events which are relaxed and geared to having fun.


Drop us an email at 

if you’d like to come to an event  or find out more about CIWOT

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